Our main service is to guide you through the steps of choosing, designing and installing your dream log cabin, from the first idea to the final lick of paint, but we offer many more services than just the installation and construction of your cabin. We can carry out almost anything that you would need for the installation of your cabin, which we will advise you on a site visit and initial consultation.

Building/Obstacle Removal

Any existing buildings on the site of your new log cabin must be dismantled and removed before the date your new shed is to be delivered. We are happy to quote for this service. We will advise what is required on a site visit prior to installation, as there must be enough space to install your log cabin. Unfortunat we cannot remove Asbestos. Bushes and obstacles must also be removed in advance, which is something we can also quote for.

Base Laying

It is essential that your new log cabin is laid on a firm base to extend its lifespan. We can provide you with two types of bases:

  1. Timber base frame manufactured using 100% pressure treated timber 100mm x 50mm with bracing in each corner. This timber frame is staked out and packing will be used as necessary.  These will also increase the airflow under your building and are ideal for damp and wet areas. We will advise you what is most suitable for your situation on our initial site visit.
  2. Concrete bases are an option for a sturdier base and is a base that will last a lifetime. We recommend concrete bases for all heavier buildings.  The base will be a minimum of 100mm thick. The ground must be flat level, no more than 100mm fall (although we can also level the ground for you at extra cost). If you have any worries a free site service is available.


No matter what your requirements for internal or external electrics, our qualified electricians can give guidance and carry out any work. We will give guidance on our initial site visit.

Exterior Wood Finishes

Exterior wood finish enhances the natural grain and will protect against peeling and flaking. Used protect and enhance wood when you want that natural look, whilst enhancing the life span of your cabin at the same time. At the same time we will work in your porch so you can enjoy it even during winter nights by having wood heating and light from antique lamps.  

Rubber roofing

Firestone RubberCover™ EPDM membrane is a 100% cured single-ply roofing membrane made of an Ethylene-Propylene-Diene Terpolymer offering unique features and benefits. What is more it is guaranteed for 20 years.

For decades, Firestone EPDM rubber roofing membranes have been successfully installed on hundreds of thousands of commercial and industrial roofs worldwide. Today, the high-performing Firestone EPDM membranes are also available to cover small residential flat roofs. See more information about Firestone RubberCover here on our sister company’s website http://masterhouseservices.info/roofing-systems/firestone-rubbercover/

Felt shingle

A great looking cabin looks even better with a quality roof. The best and most cost-effective covering is a glass fibre and polymer reinforced bitumen roof shingles.

The bottom of the tiles is coated with adhesive polymer-reinforced bitumen layer protected with easily removed silicon membrane. As a result of a little exposure to the sun, the overlapped tiles stick to each other thus forming a double waterproofing layer, which guarantees excellent leak resistance of the roof.

Bitumen flexible tiles are designed for pitched roofs (from 12°) used in fully residential, industrial and other buildings, including garden buildings. According to gardencabincompany.uk the top layer of tiles is surfaced with mineral granules that give colour to the tiles and ensure high UV- protection and weather resistance qualities. The granules are cured in high temperature (pigment burned-in into the surface of granules) and guarantee long durability of the colour. Composition of the tiles: durable and highly resistant fibreglass base coated with polymer- reinforced bitumen mix made of high-quality bitumen and aggregate.


All exterior coating work carried out by MHS Limited is guaranteed for 10 years