28mm Log Cabins

  • Most Affordable
  • Smaller sizes
  • For summer use or
  • Suitable for storage
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28 mm thick Log cabins are our most affordable cabins. They usually come in smaller sizes to be used as a sheds, hobby rooms, kids play house or luxurious home offices. The different possible shapes, sizes, and what you do with it, are nearly endless. That’s why we have such a wide range of sheds, matching many budgets.

You do not require planning permission to erect one.

The cost effective option of an overlap shed, the hard wearing tongue and groove options or the highly practical windowless sheds all offer superb quality. So you can store your things or create a unique place of your own knowing that your shed will last, no matter what the weather throws at it.

44mm Log Cabins

  • Mid-priced
  • Medium sized
  • May need planning permission
  • Better insulation
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44 mm Log houses are our middle of the range, which offer an excellent value for money for more substantial sheds and for recreational use.. They are made from slow grow timber in an interlocking tongue and groove constructions. With that extra thickness, 44 mm Log houses have higher insulating properties are well suited for middle size of a garden and to be used as holiday homes, even in winder.

Planning permission required for bigger than 15 sq m houses.

68mm Log Cabins

  • More Expensive
  • Largest sizes
  • Suitable for sleeping
  • Most durable
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68mm Log houses are top of the range, the thickest construction we offer, suitable for year round use (with heating of course!) Create a brand new space in your garden with one of our high quality 68 mm log houses. These spacious buildings are just the ticket for relaxing on lovely sunny days, but suitable for all year use and providing a unique spot for visitors to stay in or for setting up a home office.

68 mm Log cabins are made from a highly durable interlocking tongue and groove construction. They will not only make a statement, but will prove to be a practical, yet fun addition to any garden, and will last for years.

Garages and Gazebos

Create a space where you can store your car or motorbike safely. Their large dimensions and high ceiling also makes it perfect for use as a hobby shed.

Garages made from high quality materials. The 44 mm thickness timber has been pressure treated to protect against weather damage, offering many years for use.

Our gazebos provide the perfect spot to relax and enjoy the view of your garden. They will add character to any garden and provide a sheltered area entertain friends and family.

Planning Permission is not required.

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Why wood?

Building with wood not only offers exceptional character and insulating properties, but it is also exceptional value for money. As a natural, renewable material it is also incredibly sustainable. It is a tough, solid building material, so it will take hard knocks in its stride. As it ages, it develops a patina which is part of its character. Wood acts as a natural humidity regulator, absorbing humidity in damp conditions and releasing moisture in dry conditions.

With a little care and maintenance, wood is extremely durable, and should last a lifetime. Many Victorian houses still have their original wood windows and floors.

Glued timber is polyurethane, formaldehyde free.